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Hermetically Sealed Autoclave Temperature Probe (SSA200)

The SSA200 is designed for pharmaceutical applications where a PT100 probe needs to be permanently attached to a portable vessel, flask or container, and remains in-situ whilst the vessel is undergoing periodic sterilisation cycles. 

The probe needs to be easily disconnected from the extension leads, and able to withstand the conditions inside an autoclave. This is made possible by the use of a high specification military/aerospace connector which has a glass based dielectric, and is hermetically sealed within a 316 stainless steel outer case. The connector is able to survive the conditions found in a typical autoclave cycle. 

By removing the need to remove the PT100 probe from the vessel every cycle, considerable productivity gains can be made. See an application note here for more details.

Product Features

  • For pharmaceutical flasks, fermenter vessels and other portable equipment that needs to be sterilised.
  • Available in PT100 resistance thermometer only (all tolerances)
  • All metallic parts in Grade 316L (1.4404/1.4435) stainless steel.
  • Aerospace/military style connector utilising a glass based die-electric seal.
  • Probe stem can be fitted with a Tri-clover type of sanitary/hygienic flange.
  • Available in many sizes, and custom requirements to order.

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