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Industrial RTD (PT100) Probes

Thermal Detection manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality temperature probes based on resistance temperature detectors, also known as RTD probes, PRT probes or PT100 probes.

RTD's are based on the properties of certain metals where a change in temperature causes a measurable change in the electrical resistance of the material.The most common material used to make RTD sensors is Platinum. A PT100 sensor, generally the most common type, is a Platinum sensor which reads 100 Ohms at 0⁰C, and exhibits a positive resistance change to increasing temperature. Different tolerance classes are available which dictate the accuracy of the reading (Class B, A, AA as IEC 60751:2008, also 1/10 DIN).

Our main product groups are outlined below. Please follow the link to the product page, and use the product enquiry form to tell us your requirements.


RTD Probe with Head (LD, LDS, LDF)

A range of customisable RTD temperature probes for use in most industrial applications.

RTD Probe with Thermowell and Head (MD, MDS, MDF)

Comprises a fabricated thermowell or pocket with a removable spring loaded insert which contains the RTD temperature sensor. Thermowell can be specified with flanged or screwed process connections.

RTD Probe with Solid Drilled Thermowell and Head (HD, HDS, HDF)

Similar to the MD series but with a solid drilled thermowell for heavy duty use such as material handling systems, high pressure systems.

Highly accurate and stable temperature measurement can be achieved using RTD temperature probes, with consideration to a number of key design criteria such as sensor type, tolerance class and wiring options. The resources below provide additional information:


Design Considerations for PT100 Temperature Probes

PT100 tolerance chart

Thermal Detection have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of RTD probes, and we can help you to navigate through the range of options. Please view our products below and contact us to discuss your requirements.

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