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Thermal Detection offer a range of temperature instruments in various forms with either digital or analogue displays to meet a wide range of applications.

Digital hand held temperature indicators are a cost effective way of measuring temperature where a convenient, portable and self contained indicator is required. Thermal Detection offers a range of devices covering all thermocouple types and also PT100 probes, including the highly accurate HHIP+ precision plus model. We offer a wide range of hand held probe types to use with the indicators, including penetration, corkscrew, between pack and liquid probes. Anti bacterial handles are also available.

The 7501 field mounted temperature transmitter allows visual monitoring of temperature in-situ and has a touch sensitive screen option to allow access to transmitter functions.

Bi-metallic indicators are a cost effective way of measuring process temperatures in remote locations, or where a power source is not available. Suitable for measuring up to 500°C

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