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Thermocouple Entry Gland for Pharmaceutical Autoclave (TCEG)

The Thermocouple Entry Gland (TCEG) is an essential tool for temperature validation of steam autoclaves.

The TCEG is a thermocouple feedthrough engineered to simplify the installation of validation thermocouples in a pharmaceutical autoclave, and has been specified by satisfied end users and autoclave manufacturers for many years. In two variants, the TCEG/1 seals up to 18 thermocouples and the TCEG/2 can seal up to 36 thermocouples.

Sealing is enabled by FDA approved silicone discs. It is important to ensure the discs are in good condition and replacement sealant sets are always available.

Please view our video to see how it works!

With additional Tee or 'Y' tubes, two TCEG's can be combined to seal up to 72 thermocouples. The gland is available with a wide range of tri-clover or screwed process connections, to allow mating with any autoclave port.

Thermal Detection can supply TCEG's individually or as part of a validation kit which can include all the validation items required such as thermocouples, tri-clover adaptors, spare sealants, clamps.

Please use the product enquiry form to tell us your requirements.

Product Features

  • 18 side slots, each 4mm wide can accommodate up to 36 thermocouples in a variety of different wire formats. The side slots incorporate a curved base which follows the contour of the thermocouple jacket allowing them to nest and assist in the sealing process.
  • Optional types of mounting arrangement: 
    • Tri-clover flange 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5" & 3" 
    • Screwed connection (various sizes)
    • Customers specification flange or threads
  • Gland body and wetted parts in Grade 316L (1.4404/1.4435) stainless steel, and gland cap in Grade CZ112 marine brass.
  • Integral locking mechanism prevents inadvertent cap removal.
  • Can accept up to 36 thermocouples.
  • Suitable for 1/0.3mm, 1/0.5mm, 3/0.2mm & 7/0.2mm conductors
  • Replacement seals available
  • With the addition of a 'Y' or 'T' piece, two units can utilise a single chamber entry point providing up to 72 thermocouple measurements.
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