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Angled Autoclave Chamber & Load Temperature Probe (SL160)

The SL160 is an autoclave load or chamber probe designed for monitoring the temperature of liquid loads contained in bottles or similar containers. 

The SL160 has a 90° bend in the probe, and an optional chisel point for penetrating bottle seals. With a sleek and flexible design it is ideal for use in pharmaceutical autoclaves, as an alternative to the Steriprobe®, often where space is an issue. 

The probe is available in either PT100 formats, to class A, AA and 1/10 DIN tolerances, or type T thermocouple.

Product Features

  • SL160 specified by satisfied end users and autoclave manufacturers for many years.
  • Used extensively in steam and water cycle autoclaves
  • Offers increased flexibility with optional probe tip configurations.
  • Available in PT100 RTD (Class A, AA as IEC 60751:2008, also 1/10 DIN)
  • Available in thermocouple formats (type ‘T’ Class 1 as IEC 60584-1:2013 as standard).
  • All metallic parts in Grade 316L (1.4404/1.4435) stainless steel.
  • Sensor conductors Teflon® insulated, outer jacket in thick walled extruded silicone rubber, FDA listed 21CFR 177 2600.
  • Silicone rubber jacket to USP VI also available on request.
  • Available in many sizes and custom requirements to order.
  • Standard units ex-stock.
  • Known in the USA as 'Sterisensor'
  • Feedthroughs to suit
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