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Conax High Density Feedthrough (HD)

The HD Series is a high density mechanically sealed gland which permits multiple thermocouples or copper conductors to pass through a single process connection. Typical applications would be temperature mapping of an autoclave or similar environment where multiple temperature reading are required but the chamber entry points are restricted.

Each HD gland can have up to 60 individual wires (30 thermocouple pairs). By combining multiple HD glands in a single MHM gland up to 240 individual wires can be accomodated.

Product Features

  • Allows from 6 to 30 thermocouples or 12 to 60 copper conductors in a single feedthrough.
  • Up to four feedthroughs can be mounted on a single entry gland allowing up to 120 thermocouples or 240 copper conductors to pass through a single entry point (dependent on size of entry).
  • Optional types of mounting arrangement, Tri-clover flange or screwed connection.
  • Standard tubing is grade 304 but Grade 316 stainless steel is available
  • No potting required
  • All copper and thermocouple conductors are of solid construction in 24 AWG (0.51mm) and are Teflon® insulated.
  • Power levels for low voltage signals should not exceed 100V DC at 500mA.
  • Process operating range of -80ºC to +120ºC and up to 345 bar pressure at 20ºC.

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