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Thermocouple Capacitance Welders (SR48) and (SR80)

Capacitance welders are designed for fast and efficient production of thermocouple hot junctions and other fine wire welds.Two models are available, the SR48 is our standard bench mounted capacitance welder and the SR80 is our premium bench mounted capacitance welder . 

Product Features

  • SR48 0 to 48 Joules
  • Weld capacity is up to 2x 1.1mm OD conductors
  • SR80 0 to 80 Joules
  • Weld capacity is up to 2x 1.6mm OD conductors
  • Function for Argon usage, 300L/Hr @5 PSI

Both units

  • Operate from a standard 220/240V AC supply.
  • Allows good hot junctions to be formed to produce an accurate and reliable measurement.
  • Optional pen and plate is available to facilitate with specialized impact welding applications as well as optional footswitch.
  • Optional accessories available

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