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Bottle Cap Mount for Thermocouples (GL45-1)

The bottle cap mount for thermocouples is intended to support one or more thermocouple validation wires whilst temperature mapping. The mounting cap is permanently fitted with a cannula and seal, keeping the hot junctions central and held at a designated point.

Please see our useful article on the selection of validation thermocouples here

We have also produced a useful video on the bottle cap range.

Product features

  • Thermocouple mounting gland in Grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Silicone rubber olive secures thermocouple/s in position allowing the need for finger tightening of gland only.
  • GL45 style: For bottles with a thread, GL45 or other. Cannular in Teflon® and various lengths up to 200mm (non removable)
  • BC style : For bottles without a thread, sealed with rubber bung and aluminium foil. Cannular in 316 stainless steel. 
  • Holds various conductor sizes and quantities of thermocouples.
  • Caps can be free issued by customer for conversion.
  • Ampoule and thermocouple version available - see (BI)
  • Validation thermocouples also available, see here
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