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Heavy Duty Temperature Probe (HD, HDS & HDF)

The HD series heavy duty temperature probe is for rugged applications such as material processing and chemical plants. The probe consists of a solid drilled thermowell in a choice of materials and with a range of screwed or flanged process connections to meet most International Standards. 

The sensors (PT100 or any type of thermocouple) are incorporated into a spring loaded insert which allows removal of the sensors without interrupting the process.

Product Features

  • Supplied as two pieces. Solid drilled thermowell and Spring loaded insert
  • Solid drilled thermowell with either a Screwed (HDS) or Flanged (HDF) process connection.
  • Parallel or tapered stem
  • Thermowell available in a choice of materials to suit the application.
  • Available with a Teflon oversheath for all wetted parts
  • Standard nipple/union/nipple lagging extension with choice of connection head environmentally rated to IP68.
  • Sheath material in Grade 316L, 304, 321, 310 stainless steel. Inconel and Nicrobel also available.
  • Available in sheath diameters of 8mm to 25mm OD with inserts to suit.
  • Insert with either 
    • PT100 RTD (Class B, A, AA as IEC 60751:2008, also 1/10 DIN)
    • Thermocouple formats as IEC 60584-1:2013.
  • Single, duplex or triplex sensors.
  • Plain stem pocket/thermowell as standard or with mounting arrangements: Screwed (HDS) of Flanged (HDF)
  • Complete with a standard ceramic connection block (up to 8 pole) or a temperature transmitter providing a 4 to 20mA output signal.
  • Die-cast aluminium connection heads as standard, M20 cable entry and IP65 rating
  • Various other heads available, including stainless steel.

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