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Medium Duty Pharmaceutical Temperature Probe (MDP, MDPS & MDPH)

The MDP series medium duty temperature probe fpr pharmaceutical processes has a rugged construction and allows for the replacement of the sensor insert whilst the main assembly remains connected to the process, eliminating process down time.

Available with either PT100 or thermocouple sensors, and with a range of process connection options (hygienic flange or screwed).

The MDP is supplied in two parts: the thermowell/pocket and a removable spring loaded insert.

Product Features

  • All metallic parts in Grade 316L (1.4404/1.4435) stainless steel only.
  • Supplied as two pieces. Thermowell and Spring loaded insert
  • Insert available with 
    • PT100 RTD (Class A, AA as IEC 60751:2008, also 1/10 DIN)
    • Thermocouple, all formats as IEC 60584-1:2013.
  • Plain stem pocket/thermowell as standard or with welded mounting arrangements: Screwed (MDPS)   Tri-clover hygienic/sanitary flange (MDPH) 
  • Units are available with a temperature transmitter to provide a signal output of 4 to 20mA for transmission to an indicator, recorder, data-logger or other instrumentation.
  • Standard connection head is in white polypropylene and FDA approved with a screw cap and retention chain and an M20 cable entry. Environmental rating of IP67.
  • Can also be supplied with a grade 316 stainless steel connection head.

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