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Kapton® Tape (Ktape)

Kapton® adhesive backed tapes are suitable for use in autoclave chambers. It is able to sustain high operating temperatures and is ideal for taping thermocouples into position when temperature mapping. Also available in die-cut discs on a reel for easy application and removal.

Product Features

  • Choice of either 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm or 25mm wide tapes with each roll 33 metres in length.
  • Other sizes available on request.
  • Also available as discs in various sizes
  • Adhesive coating of pressure sensitive cross linked polymer.
  • Maximum operating temperature 250°C
  • Ideal for use when temperature mapping with validation thermocouples
  • Can be used for restricting the movement of small product containers or ampoules during sterilisation cycles
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