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Conax Insulated Wire Feedthrough (PL)

The Conax PL range of sealing glands enables multiple insulated leadwires to pass through a single gland/entry, using soft seal technology. Used in both pressure and vacuum applications.

For use in transformers, motors, conduit boxes and pressure/vacuum chambers and as power or instrument feedthroughs.

Remember that replacement sealants (RSC) and all internal components (RPS) are available as spares.

Product Features

  • All wetted parts in Grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Sealants in Teflon® or Grafoil® and gland supplied with 600mm Kapton® insulated wire as standard.
  • Temperature range from -240°C to +232°C and Pressure range (@20°C) Vacuum to 690 bar
  • NPT process thread as standard and from 1/8"NPT to 1"NPT
  • BSPT, BSPP, SAE & Metric ISO threads available
  • Optional types of mounting arrangement, screwed, weld-neck or Tri-clover flange (for sanitary/hygienic applications).
  • Wire sizes from 20AWG to 8AWG (seals 1 to 18 wires).
  • Copper conductors or thermocouple material
  • Can also be supplied untorqued and without wires.
  • No potting required.
  • Replacement sealants are available to enable repeated use.
  • The PL range of sealing glands is manufactured by Conax Technologies.

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