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Conax Bare Wire Feedthrough (TG)

The TG range of sealing glands enables multiple bare solid conductors to pass through a single gland in both pressure and vacuum applications. 

They can be used for thermocouples, strain gauges, thermistors and RTD (PT100) leads, or bare solid conductors supplying current at low voltage (millivolts).

Remember that replacement sealants (RSC) and all internal components (RPS) are available as spares.

Product Features

  • All wetted parts in Grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Sealants in Teflon® or Viton®, Neoprene and Lava.
  • For low-voltage & low current, bare instrumentation wires.
  • For insulated copper or thermocouple material.
  • For non-conductive gas and liquid
  • Temperature range from -185° to +870°C and Pressure range (@20°C) Vacuum to 690 bar
  • NPT process thread as standard and from 1/8"NPT to 1"NPT
  • BSPT, BSPP, SAE & Metric ISO threads available
  • Optional types of mounting arrangement, screwed, weld-neck or Tri-clover flange (for sanitary/hygienic applications).
  • Wire sizes from 24AWG to 8AWG (seals 1 to 16 elements).
  • Customer supplied insulated solid wire of equivalent size may be substituted for bare wire to provide higher voltage carrying capability.
  • No potting required.
  • Replacement sealents are available to enable repeated use.
  • The TG range of sealing glands is manufactured by Conax Technologies.

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