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Hand Held Temperature Probe (HHP)

We have an extensive range of hand held temperature probes with a choice of tips for various applications.

There are four type of handle: The standard (ABS/Nylon blend), Ribbed heavy duty (polyproplene) & Tee shaped (polyproplene) and SS (stainless steel). 

To reduce bacterial growth, the standard and ribbed versions contain 'Biomaster' anti-bacterial additive, as standard.

Product Features

  • Complete with 1m leads and connector to suit our range of hand held indicators
  • Range of standard sizes below, however we can manufacture custom probes to any design, size and specification

Penetration Probes, with Hex handle, Type T or K thermocouple or PT100.

  • 3.3mm Ø x 130mm, 300mm

Heavy Duty Penetration Probes with Tee handle, Type T or K thermocouple.

  • 4.00mm Ø x 100mm
  • 6.35mm Ø x 100mm, 300mm
  • 8.00mm Ø x 500mm
  • 9.50mm Ø x 1000mm, 1400mm or 2000mm

Heavy duty corkscrew probe with T handle. Type T or K

  • 8.0mm Ø x 100mm

Fast Response Probe with reduced tip, with Hex handle. Type T or K thermocouple or PT100.

  • 3.3mm Ø x 130mm

Needle penetration probes with Hex handle. Type T or K

  • 1.8mm Ø x 130mm

Oven Probe with stainless steel handle and 2m PTFE lead. Type K

  • 3.3mm Ø x 130mm

Rigid Between Pack Probe with Hex handle. Type T, K and PT100

  • 4.5mm Ø x 130mm (tc)
  • 6.0mm Ø x 130mm (PT100)

High Temperature Probe with flexible MI with Hex handle, -200 to 1100°C. Type K

  • 1.5mm Ø x 130mm
  • 3.0mm Ø x 130mm

Air or gas Probe, Type T, K or PT100

  • 4.5mm Ø x 130mm

Liquid Probe, hex handle, Type T, K or PT100 (including 1/10 DIN for HHIP+)

  • 3.3mm Ø x 130mm

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