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Roll Surface Temperature Assemblies (RTA)

The roll temperature sensor provides repeatable monitoring of surface temperature on drums, rollers and other moving surfaces.

Product Features

  • Brass contact buttons and flush-mounted in a spring loaded Teflon plunger
  • Available in all thermocouple formats
  • Three models available RT, HSRT & HTRT
  • RT surface speed up to 900ft per minute, temp -68 to +260°C, 1/2lb spring force on sensor
  • HSRT features a mounted roller bearing with surface speed up to 1000ft per minute, temp -68 to +204°C, 
    • bearing outer race in contact with process and inner race in intimate contact with the sensor
    • also for use on highly polished surfaces that might be damaged by sliding contact
  • HTRT for temperatures -68 to +371°C and speeds up to 1000 ft per minute.
    • similar to HSRT except that continuous surface contact is assured by use of spring loaded PG gland

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