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Pipe Clamp Surface Probe (PCUB)

Utilises a U bolt pipe clamp to secure a temperature probe against the surface of a pipe or tube., for use where an invasive measurement is not possible or required.

The temperature probe is easily adjusted or removed.

Available with a range of temperature sensors, PT100 and thermocouple, to suit a wide range of pipe/tube diameters.

  • PT100 format: Single or duplex with 2,3 or 4 wire connection, Class B, A, AA or fractional DIN tolerance and to BS EN 60751:2008.
  • Thermocouple format: Single or duplex element, type T, K or J in Class 1 material to BS EN 60584-1:2013
  • Probe termination options : flying lead, terminal head with ceramic block or transmitter, quick connect for removable leads

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