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Hygienic / Sanitary Process Pocket with Temperature Insert (MDPH)

For temperature measurement on pharmaceutical processes, manufacturing and service plant.

Consists of a thermowell / pocket and a temperature insert which allows the sensor be removed or replaced without interrupting the process itself.

RTD format PT100: Class B, A, AA as IEC 60751:2008, also 1/10 DIN

RTD format PT1000: Class B, A

Thermocouple Type T (to IEC 60584-1:2013).

Pocket made from 316L stainless steel sheath, with an FDA Polypropylene terminal head for an in-head transmitter or terminal block.

Process connection on the pocket is a sanitary tri-clover flange, which can be specified in a range of specifications and sizes.

Product Features

  • Supplied as two pieces. Thermowell/Pocket and spring loaded insert
  • Pocket material in Grade 316L
  • Available in sheath diameters of 4.5mm to 1/2" NB (21.7mm OD) with inserts to suit.
  • Insert with either
    • PT100 RTD (Class B, A, AA as IEC 60751:2008, also 1/10 DIN)
    • PT1000 RTD (Class B, A)
    • Thermocouple formats as IEC 60584-1:2013.
  • Supplied with Tr-clover flange, Imperial sizes 0.5-0.75", 1-1.5", 2", 2.5", 3"
  • Complete with a standard ceramic connection block (up to 8 pole) or a temperature transmitter providing a 4 to 20mA output signal
  • Standard connection head is in white polypropylene and FDA approved with a screw cap and retention chain and an M20 cable entry. Environmental rating of IP67.
  • Can also be supplied with a grade 316 stainless steel connection head.
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