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Optris® Pi Series Infra Red Camera

The Optris® Pi (Precision Line) range of imaging infrared cameras offer temperature measurement for numerous industrial applications.

Optris® Pi 400i / 450i. A small unit (46x56x77mm) for general measurement tasks and with interchangeable lenses. The 450i has a thermal sensitivity of 40 mK for superior resolution of thermal differences.

Example Application: surveillance and quality assurance in the automotive sector, plastics, semi-conductor, photovoltaic industries, monitoring of rotary kilns and conveyor belts. The 450i in medical applications where detection of very small temperature differences is important.

Optris® Pi 640The PI 640 is a compact camera with an optical resolution of 640x480 pixels, which delivers sharp radiometric pictures and videos in real time.

Optris Pi 450i G7/ Pi 640 G7. Designed specially for the glass industry. 

Example Application: production, refinement and processing of glass panes, glass bottles and other glass products. The software offers a line-scan camera function which can be used in tempering of toughened glass, measures the temperature distribution between the heating zone and the cooling zone, and automatically regulates heating or cooling elements where necessary.

Optris® Pi 1M. For metallic surfaces from 450°C to 1800°C, with 764 x 480 pixels.

Example Applications: metal tempering and forming processes.

Optris® Pi 05M. With a spectral range of 500 to 540 nm and temperature range of 900°C to 2450°C ideal for unknown or changing emissivity.

Example Applications: temperature measurement of molten metals.

Optris® Pi 08M. Short wavelength designed for monitoring laser processing applications.

Optris® Pi 640 Microscope Optics. Designed for thermal inspection of electronic boards and analyses of small chip level components down to 28 μm.  The distance between the measurement object and the camera can vary between 80 and 100 mm .

Example Applications: Analysing entire circuit boards and detailed macro shots of individual components, functional testing of electronic products.

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