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Temperature Validation and Mapping

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries temperature validation and mapping is an essential activity for Autoclaves, Dry Heat Sterilizers, ETO Chambers, Stabilty chamber, Incubators and holding areas such as warehouses.

The purpose of temperature mapping (or temperature validation) is to understand how temperature varies within a critical space, and ultimately to ensure that all areas achieve the required temperature. 

Thermal Detection manufactures and supplies a range of products supporting temperature validation and mapping, including a range of innovative products to assist the validation of liquid products in bottles, bags, pouches and ampoules:

  • Validation thermocouples and looms.
  • Thermocouple entry glands and fittings to adapt to a wide range of process connections.
  • Bag, pouch and bottle glands for securing temperature probes and thermocouples in place during validation.
  • Ampoule holders to secure biological indicators and thermocouples at the correct position.
  • Validation clamps for temperature measurement inside hygienic tubes.
  • Validation kits with all the essential tools handily stored in a case, so the validation engineer has all the right tools to hand.

Please see our useful article here on the selection of validation thermocouples

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