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Optris® Infra Red Measurement

Optris® manufacture a range of innovative infrared pyrometers and cameras for non contact temperature measurement in a wide range of industrial applications.

Infrared temperature measurement is a non-contact method of measurement which is based on the detection of infra-red radiation reflected by a body.

It can be used where contact measurement is not possible or practical, such as:

  • Fast moving processes
  • Thin films
  • Continuous measurement of liquid metals
  • Areas which are difficult or too hazardous to access

Infrared Pryrometers (or thermometers): used to measure a known critical point, in terms of size and distance, on an application. Output is the temperature of the measurement point, which can be integrated into other systems in a variety of ways.

Compact Series:

  • CS LT : Single piece sensor with smart LED display
  • CS Micro: Very small sensor with electronics in cable
  • CT LT: Very small sensor head with separate electronics housing for easy programming.
  • CT 4ML: Ultra fast measurement for fast processes

High Precision Series

  • CS Laser LT: Sensor head with double laser aiming marks
  • CT Laser LT: Precise focusing for small spots
  • CT ratio : High temperature metal measurement and fast response measurement
  • CT video : Integrated video sighting

Infrared Camera

for measurement and visualisation of many critical points, or to help identify where critical points are such as hot spots. Output is a real time thermal map which can be viewed and stored, and measurements taken at pre-determined areas of the map.

  • Xi Series: Rugged and compact range
  • Pi Series: Higher resolution including VGA
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