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Optris® Infra Red Measurement

We are pleased to distribute the full range of Optris® infra red productsOptris® manufacture a range of innovative infrared temperature measurement devices to suit a wide range of industrial applications.

Infrared temperature measurement is a non-contact method of measurement which is based on the detection of infra-red radiation reflected by a body.

It can be used where contact measurement is not possible or practical, such as:

  • Fast moving processes
  • Thin films
  • Continuous measurement of liquid metals
  • Areas which are difficult or too hazardous to access

Infrared Pryrometers (or thermometers): used to measure a known critical point, in terms of size and distance, on an application. Output is the temperature of the measurement point, which can be integrated into other systems in a variety of ways.

Compact Series:

  • CS LT : Single piece sensor with smart LED display
  • CS Micro: Very small sensor with electronics in cable
  • CT LT: Very small sensor head with separate electronics housing for easy programming.

High Precision Series

  • CS Laser LT: Sensor head with double laser aiming marks
  • CT Laser LT: Precise focusing for small spots
  • CT ratio : High temperature metal measurement and fast response measurement

Infrared Camera

for measurement and visualisation of many critical points, or to help identify where critical points are that could be measured with an infrared pyrometer. Output is a real time thermal map which can be viewed and stored, and measurements taken at pre-determined areas of the map.

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